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Heat Pump Repair

At AirVantage, we work hard to ensure that all aspects of our client's HVAC systems function properly so that they can maintain comfortable temperatures during the times when they're needed the most. This means that if your heat pump system no longer works as well as it once did, we'll be there to fix it with our professional heat pump repairs!

The Signs You Need to Schedule Heat Pump Repairs

Every heat pump system requires regular inspections to ensure it's working properly during the times it's needed the most. If you notice inadequate heating or cooling, cold air during heating or a significant spike in monthly utility bills, then it's likely time for a heat pump repair. Other signs you should keep an eye out for include strange noises, the heat pump constantly running in defrost mode, frequent trips of the circuit breaker, or the system switching to emergency heat frequently. 

It's also worth noting that refrigerant leaks, a malfunctioning reversing valve, or issues with the indoor coil can all impact the heat pump's efficiency. Ignoring any of these signs can lead to costly repairs in the future, further damage to the heat pump system, and increased energy costs, which is why it's important to have your system fixed as soon as you can.

When Should You Repair a Heat Pump and When Should You Replace It?

When facing heat pump problems, homeowners might have difficulty choosing whether they should repair or replace their units. In general, if the heat pump is less than ten years old, regular maintenance and repairs, when needed, can extend its lifespan. However, if the unit is older and repair costs are approaching 50% of the total cost of a new system, it's smarter to consider a heat pump replacement instead.

Other factors that may influence your choice include a significant drop in the system's efficiency, frequent need for repairs, or if the unit uses outdated refrigerant. Central air conditioners and other heating and cooling systems, like furnaces, may also influence this decision as the entire system needs to operate harmoniously.

Heat Pump Repairs Are Best Left to the Experts

As tempting as it may be, DIY heat pump repairs are often a risky endeavor — heat pumps are intricate machines that require an expert to handle them properly. Incorrectly handling elements like the compressor, outdoor unit, air handler, or dirty coils can exacerbate issues and lead to higher repair bills or the need for replacement parts. 

Moreover, the HVAC industry has specific guidelines and standards for ensuring that heat pumps run at optimum efficiency. Attempting a DIY fix without proper knowledge of these guidelines might not just harm the equipment but also risk personal safety. Reaching out to a qualified technician from our experienced team ensures that your system is repaired properly — helping you save money in the long run by ensuring your system runs efficiently, avoiding costly repairs, and safeguarding your investment in heating and cooling equipment.

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Reach Out to Schedule Your Heat Pump Repair 

No matter if your heat pump problem is big or small, our technicians will know how to fix it. Our residential HVAC company has decades of experience helping homeowners and strives to cultivate an excellent customer experience, which is why you can always expect the very best from AirVantage.

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